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Turn your Facebook page into the ultimate marketing hub! Thanks to chayns®, your posts, events, pictures and more will land not only with your fans but everywhere! With your very own native app for all smartphones and your own super cool new website for mobile devices and desktops.

Install chayns® on your Facebook page! chayns® is and will remain free!

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Eintracht Frankfurt, Alfons Schubeck, L'Oréal, Commerzbank Arena, Island Rügen and 74.135 other businesses and organizations trust in chayns® by Tobit.Software.

The perfect website

Facebook is great. But your homepage still is your online business card. It's the first point of contact for everyone googling you. The address is on your business cards and on your car. And it delivers a first impression to the people.

chayns® turns your Facebook page into a highly modern and always up-to-date website for computers, tablets and smartphones. For free!

Your own smartphone app

Facebook is great. But having your own smartphone app is even better! With your own app, texts, images and videos will definitely be delivered to the people. Via push notification!

chayns® turns your Facebook page into a living smartphone app for Apple iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. For free!

Living Posters

In shop windows, reception areas, clubhouses, or dining halls. Screens attract the people everywhere – to entertain, to inform, or to advertise something.

chayns® turns your Facebook page into living posters, changing every screen into a digital advertising pillar. chayns® presents posts, events or promotions – perfectly prepared and in brilliant quality. And of course it's always up to date! Install chayns® on your Facebook page!

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